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What makes us different?

Probate.Auction are disruptors to the auction market, not in the sense that we have  changed the auction model as it is tried and tested and works. However, we believe that we will disrupt the market by becoming the “go to” place to sell probate property for executors and administrators.

The real disruption is to the current process of using an estate agent who currently receives the lion’s share of probate property sale instructions. This process is slow and prolonged (averaging 26 weeks) and invariably reliant on chain buyers, mortgage offers or simply a change of heart by the buyer. Such properties are often sat on the market for months on end because the pricing is unrealistic. We stand by the fact that the reason a property fails to sell is only ever price related.

How long will it take?

Our process will take 9 weeks to sell your property from start to finish, which compares to an average of 26 weeks (and in many instances considerably longer) should you use a traditional route of sale.

Who we sell to?

We use all main online property portals and have a database of over 200,000 buyers from investors to owner occupiers and everyone else in between. This allows the property to be offered to a much more significant and wider market than the traditional estate agency route.

Nothing is hidden

The process allows complete transparency for the Estate and removes the prolonged process of selling through conventional estate agents impacted by chain buyers, mortgage lenders and/or a complete change of mind from the buyer sometimes at a late stage. Our process leaves executors and administrators reputations and integrity fully intact.

Auction is final

When the hammer falls, the property is sold, more often than not achieving higher prices than local estate agents who have a small database in comparison of potential buyers. New “would be” buyers will come through our portals and enquiry lines and can easily purchase on the day of the auction. We have made that process easier by providing a 3 week viewing period prior to the auction and a 6 week completion window, allowing buyers time to arrange their funding if required but whilst committed to the property by contract.

Executors and administrators will benefit from complete clarity, avoiding estate agents fees and of course estate agents constantly chasing and pushing often over many months. It is the responsibility of Executors / and Administrators to do best by the Estate, however with interest to pay on inheritance tax, and rising empty property costs, closure for distribution can be exceptionally important to those inheriting.

Why Probate.Auction?

The reason is simple. The property is listed on all main portals, and sold when the hammer falls within a fraction of the time of a conventional sale. The regularly seen delays and costs associated with a sale by estate agents is removed. An arm’s length transparent sale by our advertising methods followed by a public auction means the ultimate sale price cannot be successfully challenged because you have sold through Property.Auction giving peace of mind to executors and administrators and this is why Probate.Auction was created.  

Auction has been the preferred route of disposal for receivership and mortgage lenders, Local Authorities, Housing Associations, institutions such as the NHS, Metropolitan Police amongst many others for decades. The Probate Industry should be no different.

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