Nick Kalms, Principal Founder

In 2014 together with my partner Ben, we looked at creating a business to bring empty homes back into use and rewarding the public who report those houses to us. We have spent the last 10 years unlocking complex property and deceased estate matters and we now boast that we bring more empty homes back into use than any other private entity in the UK.

Having been in the property industry for the last 28 years, buying, selling and advising on mainly complex deceased estate matters, I was frustrated by the process and personally felt that I could do something meaningful to help the industry and so Probate.Auction was born. A simple direct route of disposal that assists not only the professionals within the industry but most importantly the families of the deceased.

Ben Radstone, Principal Founder

I have 20 years experience in buying, selling and advising families in relation to deceased estate matters. Being at the forefront of acquiring probate property, I was acutely aware of the need for a probate property specific auction.

Often dealing with some of the most complicated estates, through You Spot Property, the platform we built in 2014, Nick and I felt that now was the time to address the bottleneck that we had identified.

Russell Taylor, Co-founder & Auctioneer

I have vast experience in the Auction world having been a director at two of the largest auction houses in the UK, namely Savills and Auction House London. I then set up my own Auction House, Taylor James Auctions which is a current and a well-regarded auctioneer, mainly dealing with the sale of properties in the Midlands and North of England and our niche was and is, lower value property. The experience I have built over the last 20 + years is an asset to the Probate.Auction team.

Henry Taylor, Co-founder

I sit on the board and support the ultimate aims and aspirations of the business, making sure timelines are met and assisting the development of the business. Being part of this exciting business fulfills a need to create a transparent and honest route of sale, that can only be of benefit to the industry.

Daniel Marsden, Head of Partnerships

I have vast experience in business development having led business development teams throughout my career in and around the property and legal industries, engaging existing and future clients, utilising data and facts for the company and client’s advantage. Relationships are the absolute key to success.

Isaac Segalov, Account Manager

Having worked in auctions since 2019, I understand the need for consistency and delivery. I specialise in forming and maintaining long standing relationships and delivering on accountability.

Marcella Robinson, Finance Director

I’m a qualified accountant, having worked in industry for the last 30 years, supporting existing and new business, I make sure that everything runs correctly and is fully compliant.

Harriet Finlay, Finance Assistant

I work under Marcella and support Probate.Auction's business finance activities, currently training for full qualification.

Danielle Smith, Auction Administrator

I deal with all elements before and after the auction, to support both the buyer and seller and make sure contracts are signed, deposits are in, coordinating details, viewings and everything else in between. Having entered the auction world 4 years ago, I have now gained all the experience necessary to handle any problem we may come across.

Melanie Calvert, Auction Administrator

Alongside Danielle, we work as a team to make sure the sellers and buyers have a positive client journey and to make sure t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted.

Katie Goodwin, Head of Social and PR

I support all sides of the media infrastructure for the business, manage the PR and Social media engagement. I'm excited to see the growth within the business.

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