The Background

The founders of Probate.Auction have been at the forefront of the UK property auction market for over 20 years, having been involved in buying and selling properties at auction as well as running existing and current auction houses. 

We are acutely aware of the issues with the time and process of selling probate properties and the frustration that this causes. We therefore identified the need for a bespoke auction company and portal which led to the birth of Probate.Auction. 

We are ready and willing to help guide you through the process, in order to achieve the best and most efficient outcome for your estate and/or clients.

The Benefits

Less than 5% of all properties sold by public auction in the UK, are properties that have fallen into probate. Probate.Auction identified a gap in the market and an inherent need for a ‘probate only auction’ that exclusively deals with properties that have fallen into probate/administration. 

An auction disposal enables an estate to sell property in a transparent and convenient way. Probate.Auction is the first of its kind and is dedicated to offering a seamless and streamlined process relating to all aspects of probate property disposal. The process allows for early distribution of the estate’s assets and at the same time aiding Personal Representatives to sell probate property for the best price reasonably achievable. That is all the more poignant now due to mass delays at the Probate Registry.

We have an unrivaled understanding of what properties are best suited for auctions. Properties requiring modernisation or properties that may be problematic with issues such as structural defect, short leases or occupier uncertainty do significantly better in an auction environment than via traditional estate agency. 

The simplicity and speed of auctions are perfectly aligned with the requirements of a Deceased Estate’s property. As a professional executor or a professional acting for estates, time is in short supply and dealing with multiple calls from conveyancers and estate agents on multiple files is a pitfall of the job, but an essential one to reach a successful sale.

At Probate.Auction the process is straightforward, efficient and completely transparent and as such an estate administrator/executor’s integrity can never be in doubt. The property is placed in auction, legal documents uploaded and the rest falls on the hands of the auction house. Interest is generated via all property portals (Rightmove, Zoopla and Essential Information Group) and to the existing database of over 200,000 people, a much wider cache than through a local high street estate agent.

• No lengthy delays. 
• An average of 9 weeks from instruction to completion of sale.
• Resulting in an expedited distribution to beneficiaries.
• No unnecessary costs incurred as a result of prolonged sale processes, like council tax or utilities.

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